Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Monday wheels day fun

Bola Vannaka blogging world, this Monday our whole school had a wonderful and fun wheels day. Wheels day is when you bring  anything that has wheels on it. My favourite part of wheels day was when me and my friends were racing along the obstacle course and we rode our wheels together. When I was riding my electric scooter a lot of people crowded around me because they wanted to ride my scooter, and half the time other people were riding my scooter even the teachers. We also had some fun activities laid out on the mats on the field. I learnt how to use roller skates and use stilts properly. I hope you guys enjoy scrolling through my images of the wheels day, Please feel free to comment, Blog ya later.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Mt Ruapehu camp

NOOO! It's almost the end of the year. I'm gonna miss all of my friends and teachers. I had so much fun at school but now our time is done. I had left so many memories in my head and one of my favourite memories was when we went to Mt Ruapehu camp in Hamilton, it was my favourite part of the school year because it was my first time touching snow and my first time skiing and we also had stairs in our rooms and most of the time we were sliding down the stairs and I had so much fun with my friends. Our ride in the bus was about 5 hours and almost everyone fell asleep. The food at our hotel was delicious. We also had a couple of birthdays at camp and the hotel provided us a cake, and the cake was also really delicious. We also had a race down the mountain and I got thrashed by Mr Ross. I have learnt how to ski in the school year. I hope you enjoy scrolling through the images of my school camp. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, Please feel free to comment, Merry Christmas and happy new year, Blog ya later.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Waitemata soap

Talofa lava blogging world, for the past few weeks Te waka ako have been making products to sell for our school gala day. In Waitemata we made some soap. The ingredients that we needed, is Clear glycerine and white glycerine, food colouring (optional) , scents and moulds, and a microwavable bowl. We got our glycerine's online. 
We made all types of soap like oatmeal soap, lemon soap, goats milk and glitter soap.
To make the soap 
1.You will need to cut up 6-10 blocks of glycerine into a bowl. 
2.Put the bowl with glycerine into the microwave for a couple of minutes until it turns into a glue texture.
3.  Take your bowl of glycerine out of the microwave.
4. Pour your glycerine into your moulds.
5. Then add your scent and colour to your glycerine inside of your moulds.
6. Mix it fast.
7. Finally, let it set until it gets hard. 
Now that's how you make soap.
 I think the most hardest thing about making the soap was adding the colour and scent into the moulds with the glycerine because the glycerine sets really fast. So some of the soap were a bit bumpy at the top because we didn't mix it fast enough. Other then that it was really fun making, because I've never made soap before.  I think the soaps that we made were better because the soaps that are in the soaps have chemicals in it and our soaps are organic.  I hope you enjoyed scrolling through the images of our soaps, please feel free to comment, Blog ya later.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Super Finn Novel study

Talofa lava blogging world this week in Te waka Ako we have been completing our slideshow about our Novel studies. For our Novel studies we had to read a story and complete the questions and activities in our slides, some of the activities that we did in our slides were, screen castify, tinker cad and Build your wild self . I learnt how to answer questions and pick up the key points while I am reading a book, I think the hardest thing I had to do in my slide was my Tinker cad, because I'm not really good at detailing my statues and buildings on tinker cad. I really loved completing this slide because I really enjoyed the book that I read and because I enjoyed describing my characters. If you really liked scrolling through my Novel Study please feel free to comment on my blog, Blog ya later.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Nz's journey-Activities in Rotorua

Talofa lava blogging world, this week in Te Waka Ako we have been doing a math activity about a NZ journey. There were plenty of slides that we had to complete, most of the slides were about travelling, and there was a budget of $500 dollars to spend a day.My favourite slide was choosing activities to do in Rotorua, because I've never done the activities that were on the slide. My second favourite slide was choosing our cars, because I've always wanted to drive my own car. While I was completing this slide I learnt how to book a flight on jet star and air new Zealand. I hope you enjoy scrolling through the photos of my two favourite slides. Please feel free to comment, Blog ya later. 

Friday, September 29, 2017

Te Waka Ako Dance and music

Talofa lava blogging world, this week in Te Waka Ako we have been rehearsing our dances for the dance competition. For the dance competition we had to practise a dance with music that has no words to it. For our dances we had to come up with some actions that was based on the beats and rhythm to the instrumental song. For my groups dance we have changed the levels of how we moved, and we also made different shapes using our bodies. So as we were getting closer and closer to finding out who is going to perform in front of the whole school during assembly, we had to perform our dances in front of the whole senior syndicate. So when we found out that my group made it into the finals to dance in assembly we rehearsed so much we felt like we were rehearsing a dance for  ALDC. We had a lot of fun dancing in front of the whole school. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post and watching this video of my groups dance, Please feel free to comment on by blog post.
Blog ya later.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Cross Country

Namaste Blogging world, This week in Waikowhai Primary school we have had our cross country for 2017. During our whole cross country, I felt very nervous because our run was really long and I didn't know what place I would come. So at the end I came 8th place out of 17th place and last year I came 13 place in cross country, so it was a huge improvement for me. The things that was very  challenging for me was running 2 kilometres, and the things I enjoyed the most was having to teach most students how to use Te rakau sticks. I hope you enjoy reading my Blog Post about our 2017 cross country. Please feel free to comment.
Blog ya later.