Friday, August 18, 2017

Student led tool-kit

Bonjour blogging world. This week on Thursday some of the kids from our senior syndicate were chosen to go to the student led tool-kits at New Windsor Primary School. At the student led tool-kits I learnt how to use incredibox and how to animate my name using Code-tastrophy. On Thursday I had a lot of fun learning how to do new things on my Chromebook and especially learning how to animate my name using code.
For our incredibox session we took a little too long than expected, because the internet connection was too slow, but we still got to play around the app. Once I finally got onto the incredibox app I played around with the app so much that I got two combos. Combos are when you put beats and voices together that makes a really good beat or rhythm. For code-tastrophy there were a lot of steps on  how to animate your name, but once I got to see how my name looked at the end it looked really cool. I was really proud of myself that I followed all the steps correctly and I didn't mess anything up. So when it was the end of the sessions we all left the rooms that we were in. Then we quickly assembled back to where we first came from, which was the auditorium. Then we sat back down to watch each of our schools do a problem solving challenge. So after the problem solving challenge some of us got some prizes to leave with. So then after the problem solving challenge, we all got ready to leave. 
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Friday, July 28, 2017

Traffic light Rubric

Bola Van-aka Blogging world, This week in Te Waka Ako we have been checking out our own personal blogs, and other blogs to see where they are placed in our blog traffic light. In a blog traffic light there is Beginner, Getting going, and Smart learner. So today in my blog post I would like to share with you guys where I am placed and where I think a different blogger is placed in my blog traffic light.
The Dark blue Highlight is my blog and the turquoise Highlight is a different blog.
I hope you really enjoy going through my blog traffic light.
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Friday, July 7, 2017

My passion project

Kia Ora blogging world, This week in room Waitemata we have been working on our passions projects. In my passion project I have put in some facts and some images about my 5 favourite silver ferns netball players, Maria Tutaia, Katrina Grant, Kayla Cullen, Bailey Mes, and Phoenix Karaka.  I hope you enjoy reading some facts about my silver ferns Idols and please feel free to comment. Blog ya later.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Rocket lab soars into space

Hello there Blogging world it's Claire here, and this week in reading we have been making info-graphics about the rocket lab soars into space article. In our info-graphics we have put some facts in about the the rocket, and we also put our facts into our own words. I also added some images to make it more interesting.
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Michel's Biography

This week in reading, we have been doing a biography about Michel Mulipola. Michel Mulipola is in the book superhero secrets in the school journal August 2016.
We all gathered all sorts of facts about Michel into a biography.
So I made a biography and now I would like to share it with the blogging world so please enjoy reading all these facts about Michel Mulipola. Blog ya later and please feel free to comment.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Our big move to our new classes Te Waka Ako

Hello there, This week my classroom and our syndicate team have all moved into our new amazing buildings. In the past 5 days we have enjoyed being comfortable in our new building and new furniture. To me the good things about being in our new buildings is that we can all be as a big syndicate team and do all our wonderful learning together. Before we moved into the new buildings we had an opening ceremony for our new classes. For the ceremony we had the kapa-haka team to perform a dance and  sang two  Maori songs. We also had the MP of Mount Roskill (Micheal Wood)To say a speech and to cut the ribbon for our new classes. The things that I don't really enjoy about the new classes is that we have to take our shoes off whenever we go into the class. I also really like how we have all the walls of the rooms  coloured differently so we know what room we are in. Now that we are all together as a syndicate team I have to try and learn how to join into more bigger groups and be fair with everyone. Thank you for reading my blog post and please feel free to comment. Blog ya later.

Monday, April 3, 2017

My Disrupting dream

Hey guys Claire here.This week room 7 have been working on story starters, complex sentences , simple sentences and compound sentences.I made a story starter called Disrupting dream, I published it on my blog so you guys can hear what what dream is about.I hope you enjoy my slide.Feel free to comment.