Friday, September 29, 2017

Te Waka Ako Dance and music

Talofa lava blogging world, this week in Te Waka Ako we have been rehearsing our dances for the dance competition. For the dance competition we had to practise a dance with music that has no words to it. For our dances we had to come up with some actions that was based on the beats and rhythm to the instrumental song. For my groups dance we have changed the levels of how we moved, and we also made different shapes using our bodies. So as we were getting closer and closer to finding out who is going to perform in front of the whole school during assembly, we had to perform our dances in front of the whole senior syndicate. So when we found out that my group made it into the finals to dance in assembly we rehearsed so much we felt like we were rehearsing a dance for  ALDC. We had a lot of fun dancing in front of the whole school. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post and watching this video of my groups dance, Please feel free to comment on by blog post.
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Friday, September 15, 2017

Cross Country

Namaste Blogging world, This week in Waikowhai Primary school we have had our cross country for 2017. During our whole cross country, I felt very nervous because our run was really long and I didn't know what place I would come. So at the end I came 8th place out of 17th place and last year I came 13 place in cross country, so it was a huge improvement for me. The things that was very  challenging for me was running 2 kilometres, and the things I enjoyed the most was having to teach most students how to use Te rakau sticks. I hope you enjoy reading my Blog Post about our 2017 cross country. Please feel free to comment.
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Monday, September 11, 2017

Magical world of crazy science.

Kia Ora blogging world, this week in Waikowhai Primary School,  we have had Richard and Robyn come over to demonstrate some wonderful crazy science. In the science show we learnt about H2O(water),fire, bubbles and Polymer. My favourite science performance was the fire demonstration. They made some fire works indoors using a combination of fire, oxygen and fuel. Richard  also touched the fire and threw it in the air with his bare hands. Some of the things that I learnt was that bubbles are the thinnest objects in the world that you can see with the human eye.  Bubbles are produced when water, soap and air/oxygen are combined together. The things that looked challenging during the science show was learning how to do and make all of these science performances and then having to perform it in front of 200+ kids. 
 Some of the things that i wondered after the show were....

I wonder if  scientific's can help the world become better.
I hope you enjoy reading my blog post about the science show, please feel free to comment, Blog you later.


Friday, September 8, 2017

My Mountain Poem

Malo lelei Blogging world, This week in Te waka Ako we have been writing and illustrating our mountain poems.  In our mountain poems we have to make sure that it rhymes and it makes sense. Our mountain poems had to be 8 lines or more long. My mountain poem is called The Ambush Attack, I thought my mountain poem was really funny and interesting, so I decided to post my mountain poem onto my blog to share it with the whole blogging world. I think the most challenging thing about making our poems is that we had to make sure it  rhymed and we had to find out what to draw on our poems.
So I hope you enjoy reading my poem and please feel free to comment.
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Friday, September 1, 2017

Mt Ruapehu ski adventure

Kia Ora Blogging world last week our Senior syndicate went to Mt Ruapehu for a nice four day ski adventure. On the mountain my challenges were learning how to stop and learning how to turn using my ski's.
On our last day on the mountain I finally learnt how to stop and turn using my ski's, but  most of the time on the mountain I was actually on my bottom. While we were on our ski adventure I actually also learnt some new facts about plants at the Hamilton Gardens. I really enjoyed our four day ski adventure especially when we had dinner and desert. But The only things I was disappointed about was that I got blisters from my ski boots, But I didn't give up on skiing. So that was my ski adventure, I hope you enjoyed  reading my experience at camp.
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Friday, August 18, 2017

Student led tool-kit

Bonjour blogging world. This week on Thursday some of the kids from our senior syndicate were chosen to go to the student led tool-kits at New Windsor Primary School. At the student led tool-kits I learnt how to use incredibox and how to animate my name using Code-tastrophy. On Thursday I had a lot of fun learning how to do new things on my Chromebook and especially learning how to animate my name using code.
For our incredibox session we took a little too long than expected, because the internet connection was too slow, but we still got to play around the app. Once I finally got onto the incredibox app I played around with the app so much that I got two combos. Combos are when you put beats and voices together that makes a really good beat or rhythm. For code-tastrophy there were a lot of steps on  how to animate your name, but once I got to see how my name looked at the end it looked really cool. I was really proud of myself that I followed all the steps correctly and I didn't mess anything up. So when it was the end of the sessions we all left the rooms that we were in. Then we quickly assembled back to where we first came from, which was the auditorium. Then we sat back down to watch each of our schools do a problem solving challenge. So after the problem solving challenge some of us got some prizes to leave with. So then after the problem solving challenge, we all got ready to leave. 
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Friday, July 28, 2017

Traffic light Rubric

Bola Van-aka Blogging world, This week in Te Waka Ako we have been checking out our own personal blogs, and other blogs to see where they are placed in our blog traffic light. In a blog traffic light there is Beginner, Getting going, and Smart learner. So today in my blog post I would like to share with you guys where I am placed and where I think a different blogger is placed in my blog traffic light.
The Dark blue Highlight is my blog and the turquoise Highlight is a different blog.
I hope you really enjoy going through my blog traffic light.
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